THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL is a group of European jurists, notaries and lawyers that provide legal and technical supportto international customers.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL has its headquarters and administration in London.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL currently consists of eight members.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL endorses the expertise of its members for the assistance of Italian and foreign customers in every aspect of the business; commercial, civil, inheritance, property and real estate law and relative issues of criminal law and procedure.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL aims to meet the expectations of its customers through

a thorough understanding of their business and through the provision of the highest standard of innovative legal services,provided by their members both individually and collaboratively. Thushelping to achieve the objectives for their business most efficiently.

At THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL the customer always comes first, thereby creating the basis for a lasting and trustworthy business relationship.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL is intended to follow all the technical and legal aspects of the economic interests of its foreign customers in Italy, internationally, and of Italians abroad. Both regarding the internationalization of Italian companies and concerning investments in Italy.



All members of THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL possess a prestigious and professional academic curriculum, as well as a thorough understanding and many years of experience in all areas of the law and legal systems internationally.

Among them there are: notaries,  a former judge who has specialized to become notaries, lawyers, and academics. The team is also complemented by the services of committed chartered accountants and technical professionals, such as engineers and architects, around the world.



The singular expertise of the members of THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL ranges from specific skills in the field of intellectual and industrial property, succession and heritage, of the trust, company /business law and international real estate, to criminal liability of legal persons and criminal asset forfeiture  and they are considered to be among the top Italian experts on these issues.

The professional network covers the entire national territory of the Italian Notarial Office from the headquarters in Novara to the headquarters in Palermo.