The present turbulent times are forcing many people to re-evaluate their position.

An option that may seem quite attractive is business start-up, your fate is in your own hands. It is a big leap to make and you will need to choose the best advisors to help you.

THE INTERNATIONAL SEAL can assist in all aspects of business start-up and offer a comprehensive business start-up package designed to ensure that your business is not only legally sound when you launch but that you have the advantage of the best professional service advisors to help you. We have taken some of the spadework out of the set up process and have researched and sourced the best bankers, accountants, commercial agents and other organisations to help you get started.

Our panels of professional advisors are experts in their particular aspect of business start-up and are available to all our business clients.

 wishing to start a business in the UK as well as British entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in Italy.

We can provide a similar business start-up package for entrepreneurs in Italy!


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